12 Position Push Encoder for Benedini Sound Module TBS Mini / TBS Micro

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This 12 Position Push Encoder is ONLY for Benedini Sound Module TBS Mini / TBS Micro.


The most comfortable way of controlling the Benedini TBS Sound unit is using the so called “12-position encoder”. It consists of a 12 position encoder switch in combination with a push button. The desired sound is selected by the rotary switch and is triggered by the push button. The encoder is mounted in your transmitter and connected at a spare proportional channel. After installation you should test the encoder by a common servo at the according receiver channel. 

You should check the operation by a common servo. Adjust the min. and max. travel range with the potentiometers P1 and P2 in comparison to the travel at a common joystick channel(f.e.Ch1).


The installation of the encoder in your transmitter is on your own risk Proper functionality is not guaranteed at ALL transmitter brands / types